Keynotes: ASSS

Privacy Compliance in Emerging Applications


Prof. Guangdong Bai
Associate Professor
The University of Queensland

Abstract: In recent years, many countries have implemented legislations to regulate the collection, use and sharing of personal data. These regulations have imposed stringent obligations on data controllers and data processors, with significant penalties for any infringement of user privacy. In this talk, we will highlight our recent progress on assessing privacy compliance in modern applications, focusing on some studies conducted on Internet of Things (IoT) and Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) apps. We will introduce the analysis of privacy-related documents using natural language processing and machine learning, and the automatic understanding of data handling practices using software analytics. Furthermore, we will discuss the research opportunities facilitated by advanced large language models in understanding user opinions and nudging developers in addressing evolving privacy challenges. Through our work, we aim to foster a privacy-fair environment for both application users and developers.
Speaker’s Bio: Guangdong Bai is an Associate Professor in The University of Queensland, Australia. He obtained his PhD degree from National University of Singapore, and MS and BS degrees from Peking University.
His research areas are Security and Software Engineering. He has served as program/general (co-)chair of international conferences such as NSS, ICECCS, and ICFEM.