Distinguished Papers Award

EMShepherd: Detecting Adversarial Samples via Side-channel Leakage
Ruyi Ding (Northeastern University, USA), Cheng Gongye (Northeastern University, USA), Siyue Wang (Northeastern University, USA), A. Adam Ding (Northeastern University, USA), Yunsi Fei (Northeastern University, USA)

CASSOCK: Viable Backdoor Attacks against DNN in the Wall of Source-Specific Backdoor Defenses
Shang Wang (Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China), Yansong Gao (CSIRO’s Data61, Australia), Anmin Fu (Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China), Zhi Zhang (University of Western Australia, Australia), Yuqing Zhang (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China), Willy Susilo (University of Wollongong, Australia), Dongxi Liu (CSIRO’s Data61, Australia)

BinWrap: Hybrid Protection against Native Node.js Add-ons
George Christou (FORTH-ICS, Greece), Grigoris Ntousakis (Brown University, USA), Eric Lahtinen (Aarno Labs, USA), Sotiris Ioannidis (TU Crete, Greece), Vasileios P. Kemerlis (Brown University, USA), Nikos Vasilakis (Brown University, USA)

QUDA: Query-Limited Data-Free Model Extraction
Zijun Lin (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), Ke Xu (Huawei International), Chengfang Fang (Huawei International), Huadi Zheng (Huawei Technology), Jaheezuddin Aneez Ahmed (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), Jie Shi (Huawei International)

Best Reviewer Award

  • Alexios Voulimeneas, imec-DistriNet, KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Siqi Ma, UNSW, Australia